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Jackie Meets Santa in Lapland

I recently returned from an amazing trip with Santa’s Lapland to Saariselka, one of the most northern resorts of Finish Lapland.

There were so many highlights, but to mention just a few…

Jackie snowmobiling in LaplandSnowmobiling! (1 hour) We experienced the thrill of driving a snowmobile through snowy forests and over the fells. Some of the most magnificent scenery completely covered in snow!







Huskey ride in LaplandHusky Sled Ride (45 mins) …great fun! We were lead by 6 eager husky’s eager to run, racing across the snow through the woods! Magical!

One day we were met by a local Sami guide for a 10 minute Reindeer Sleigh ride into the woods…in search for Santa!






Last but not least… a private meeting with Santa Claus himself!

Once we arrived to the hidden log cabin and knocked on the door, we were welcomed by elves who introduced us to Santa!

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