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Moscow & St Petersburg by Zoe

This month I had the chance to visit Moscow for 2 nights and St Petersburg for 3 nights with a group of travel agents. A direct 3 hour flight from London Heathrow and we were in Russia!

Our city tour round Moscow was fabulous as it gave us a chance to see main sights of the city from the comfort (and warmth) of our mini-bus. The contrast of the modern buildings against the traditional was remarkable and not what I had expected. Our city tour also took us down to Moscow’s amazing metro system. With its marble walls, glittering chandeliers and stunning mosaics, it really was a major feature of the city.

The highlight for me…the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour! WOW!

Day 2 took us to one of Moscow’s most iconic attractions, The Kremlin. It is definitely worth booking a visit as there are specific entry times and the queues can get very long waiting to go in. The half day tour includes entrance to the Armoury Chamber which is definitely worth a visit.

To get from Moscow to St Petersburg we used the Sapsan fast train (4 hours). We had a ticket that included a meal and drinks which made the journey go even faster!

In St Petersburg we were lucky enough to visit St Catherine’s Palace (known as the Summer Palace) with its stunning exterior and vast grounds. Although the major highlight of the city for me was visiting the Hermitage (known as the Winter Palace). You could actually spend days gazing at the stunning architecture and art collections. Because of the vastness of the Hermitage, I would highly recommend on having a guide as they will take you to the main features or the parts you are most interested in.

A fantastic trip, next time I will go when it is slightly warmer!

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